Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1883 Syrups is committed to securing the privacy of your data and telling you which information will be used for the specific purpose and how it is protected. To protect your information provided to the website is the first priority that we are highly concerned. Therefore, we only collect your data whenever you are our official member or fill out information for buying our products through the website. We only use it if it is related to our dealing with you.

We will only keep your personal information under the Data Protection Law required, Electronic Transactions Development Agency (Public Organization) Thailand. You can visit the website without giving personal data. While visiting our website, you don’t need to identify yourself to the site unless you have an official account or log on with your username and password.

We use your partial data which is relevant to our communication such as names, addresses or contact numbers. We don’t provide or offer your personal information to a third party.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we would be pleasure to receive them by sending your email to us at or : Tel (66) 2 348 2449, Monday-Friday, 08:30am-05:30pm.

To Collect and Use Personal Information
Most of information required is needed for shipment, marketing communication with customers and complete purchase. Example of your personal information collected namely names, addresses, genders, email addresses, contact numbers etc.

We will not sell, provide, share or trade your personal information provided to third parties. It would be used within our firm and affiliated companies only.

For being an official member or purchasing 1883 Syrups and Sauces, you may need to provide us your personal information as follows:

  • Name and Surname
  • Delivery Address
  • Contact or Mobile Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender

Your personal information provided would be used for these purposes as follows:

  • To ship products that you have purchased from the website
  • To update you news, privileges, discounts, new arrivals etc.
  • To provide you information which is relevant to your purchase or product
  • To process your orders and provide you services

Your personal information would be managed by our firm and affiliated companies concerned

In case of shipment, we may need to provide your personal information to third parties for delivery your products purchased such as Thailand post.

When you are an official member, we may use your personal information to send you promotions, brochures, advertisements or related media occasionally. We also provide you an unsubscribe option in case you don’t want to update or receive information from us any longer.

In case of using a credit card for buying products on the site, your card will be assessed and processed by Payment Gateway of Bangkok Bank.

To protect your personal information
We need to store and collect it for security on our computer server which we organize a specialized technician to monitor it closely. However, you can access and change your personal information by logging in your account.

You have to agree with us that you will confidentially keep your information and will not provide or give it to unauthorized persons or parties.  We will not be responsible for any liability or misuse due to unauthorized access of your account, unless it is our fault.

To Update Your Personal Information

You can update or change your personal information anytime by logging on your account at the website.

To Secure Your Personal Information
1883 Syrups guarantees that all personal information gathered would be stored securely and safely by our computer technician who is exceptional experience in the field. The methods we do protect your information are as follows:

  • To restrict assessment to reach your personal information by your own username and password
  • To update computer technologies and programs to secure the entire system
  • To reveal Your Personal Information

We strongly commit not to sharing your personal information to the parties, companies or organizations which are unauthorized or irrigated to your purchase that you have bought from our website except to logistic agency so that we could deliver a product purchased from us, or for law enforcement purposes. 1883 Syrups is strongly committed to following the Data Protection Law of Electronic Transactions Development Agency (Public Organization) Thailand.

To Collect Your Personal Information for Computer Dat
Whenever you visit our website, the computer system of the company would automatically record any information from your browser. The data mentioned may be:

  • IP’s address
  • Type of your browser
  • Time you spent on our website
  • A number of pages of our website you visit
  • Information of item(s) you have searched on the site
  • Date, time and other statistics needed

All information mentioned we would use it to analyze and evaluate our performance, which will help us to improve our service. We will not use it as a personal issue.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

1883 Syrups reserves the right to change or modify the Privacy Policy which is released on our website anytime without notice.

To Complaint about Privacy Policy

Should you have any suggestions or don’t satisfied with the way we have done, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Email: